Banner contest

Each year, the Scuderia Ferrari Club organises a competition for the best banners made by Clubs in the course of the season in support of the Company as a whole and ranging from the F1 team to the promising young stars of the future in the Ferrari Driver Academy.

The rules for participating in the competition are very simple:

  • Your banner must be displayed in one of the grandstands reserved for the Scuderia Ferrari Clubs
  • It must feature messages of support/encouragement for the Team
  • It must feature the official logo of the Club that made it as stipulated under the brand sub-licencing agreement
  • Once displayed, it must be posted on the official social media accounts of the Clubs using #LiveYourFerrariPassion hashtag
  • The minimum dimensions of the banner must be: 4 metres in length and 1 metre high
  • There is no upper limit on the number of banners permitted per Club but just one banner per Club may receive a prize

The 3 best banners from each season are selected on the basis of the number of “Likes” clocked up for each individual photo of the banners displayed and subsequently posted in an album on our Facebook page:

Below are the winners from the last 2 seasons. As you’ll see, the Reggio Calabria Club, which only joined the big Ferrari family in 2015, took the top spot in the rankings for the second consecutive year in 2016.

LOGO 2018


LOGO 2017


LOGO 2016


LOGO 2015


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